Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nearing Information Overload... but in a good way.

My brain is working overtime! Workshops attended in the last 24 hours:

1. Designing Spaces for the Montessori Child, with Simone Davies of the Jacaranda Tree Montessori

Now I can de-clutter and minimize the toy chaos in my house. This workshop offered really practical ideas to implement at home so that my daughter can be more productive and independent. My to-do list includes:

- putting up low coat hooks for her coats and backpack
- putting up low hooks in the bathroom for her own towel
- putting AWAY the clutter of toys and placing 6 activities out for her per week
- putting a step stool by the washing machine so that she can help me to load the washer and dryer
- designating a cupboard for her in the kitchen where she can get the supplies to set her own place at the  dining table.
- making cleaning supplies available to her (cloth for wiping up spills, dustpan and brush)
- getting 2 baskets for her room so that I can put 2 outfit options for her to choose from each day
- a laundry bin in her room so that she can put her own dirty laundry away!

I wish I had learned about the montessori way sooner! Miia is now 3 years old, but I trust it's not too late to teach her these life-skills and to get her involved in daily life in our home. I was also very inspired by the idea of "less is more" and everything having a designated place in the home. I think I have always strived for this myself, but less so with my daughter's things. I hope that these changes will help to create a more calm and inspiring environment for our little bug.

2. Content-based Curriculum and Instruction Designs, with Dr. Lynn Erickson

Topics included:

- 2-dimensional vs. 3-dimensional classroom instruction
- the importance of both macro and micro-concepts
- the synergy of facts and concepts for higher level thinking
- using a conceptual lens in order to understand conceptual generalisations

Oh, and so much more. We have one more day of this workshop, so I will write more in-depth about it soon!

You can use my bug if you like.

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