Saturday, 9 February 2013

Our Classroom

Well, it's nothing fancy, but here's our classroom in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am currently in a job-share position and I work 2 days a week. I'm curious if anyone else out there works part-time and shares a class with another teacher!
I've been working part-time for 2 years now and it's been a great experience. I've been able to be home more with my daughter, as well as stay in touch with my profession.

Here is our little reading corner:

Our Listening centre:

A shot from the back of the room:


  1. It is always so interesting to see other teacher's classrooms! Thanks for sharing!

    The Applicious Teacher

    1. Thanks Leigh. I also always love seeing classrooms. I have gathered so many ideas from other blogs and pinterest. Next year I will have a fresh new room of my own to set up and decorate. So excited!