Friday, 8 March 2013

Just Watch...

Today, I just sat and watched my students as they chose books. One transition we use in our classroom is to just choose a book from a basket in the middle of our big, round carpet. This is the carpet where we always meet. If we're waiting for others to arrive from a specialist lesson, or from putting something away, the kids choose books and read quietly.
I loved the total focus of some children when they took a picture book in their hands. One little boy in my class carefully picked up one book, looked at all of the images on the cover and he tilted his head as he decided if he even wanted to open it up. Adorable, but also telling of so many things. It shows what sort of books he's interested in, it shows his appropriate treatment of books, and it shows how important a picture book cover illustration can be!
Finally, he found a book he wanted to open up and he was glued to it for the next few minutes. It was a very special thing to just sit and observe. I recommend it!


  1. I enjoy using this transition, too. I also use it when waiting for parents to come. I find it really calms the students.

  2. Yes it does! Sometimes they are really wound up from playing outside or a special activity. It is a really good one.

  3. I agree that sometimes we need to slow down and just pay attention. That is something I don't always do enough :)

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  4. So true Alyssha. It's funny. Watching children is so fun and rewarding and yet I forget to do it all the time. Even at home. You can learn so much just from taking a couple minutes to observe.